Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Book review: Mother Food

If I could use only one word to describe this book, I would use "fantastic." Although it is a little technical, it is a great read and I enjoyed every minute. It would be a great read for anyone, not just breastfeeding mothers. It's all about how to eat while breastfeeding, which really just boils down to eating healthy!

It's jam-packed with health and nutrition information. I learned so much from reading it ... I learned all about what fats are healthy and what aren't, lifestyles that contribute to insulin resistance, and digestive problems such as fungal overgrowth. She also stresses the importance of a whole-foods diet, which I totally agree with.

Besides nutrition info, Hilary Jacobson (the author) also has a great section full of recipes. The recipes are simple recipes so that busy new moms will have time to cook and eat. My personal favorite is the snacks section. I think the ideas in there are brilliant!

There is also a section in the back, kind of like an herbal, on lactogenic herbs. It details what each herb does, any cautions, where to find it, and different ways to prepare it.

This book has really inspired me to eat more healthy. I've been trying out the recipes all ready. The copy I have is one that my mom lent to me, but I have to get one for myself! I highly recommend it to anyone else!

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