Monday, August 6, 2012

Menu boards for your kitchen

 A while ago, for a Relief Society activity, I made a menu board. I was pretty excited! I did mine a little different from everyone else's, since I don't just plan my dinners. I plan all my meals so I know just what to get at the grocery store.

 I made it out of scrapbook paper, a cookies sheet, wooden clothes pins, and modge podge. I like it a lot, although, if I were to do it again (which I might do someday), I would probably do something a little different.

I got on and looked at some of the menu boards that they have.

The one above was a lot like the other Relief Society sisters in my ward did. They had clothes pins instead of clips, and two pockets instead of one, but that is the general idea. I kind of like how it has a note pad on it.

Here is another that is similar to what they did, except it's in a frame:

I like this one where it's magnetic:

I think that the one above is more like something I would make if I were to make one again. If I used chalkboard paint, it could be magnetic so I could put recipe cards up on it, or I could just write on it with chalk.

What do you do for you're menu planning? Do you have any special tricks to keep things organized? Please feel free to comment and share below! :)


  1. Very good job, Alisa!!!!!! I like the colors on your board!

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