Thursday, December 12, 2013

An amazing documentary for anyone interested in the Old Testament

Brian and I have been watching a lot of documentaries on YouTube lately. Some turn out to be pretty good, others are rather lame. This one embedded below, about the ancient Hittite people, was definitely worth watching. It appears to be well-based in fact, they refer to many sources and scholars and they use some great human interest stories from the lives of the Hittite kings. I would definitely recommend it.

The Bible randomly mentions the Hittites a couple of times. I had just assumed they were some Canaanite tribe that hung around. But it turns out they were a huge empire based in Turkey. I loved the interesting relationship the Hittites had with the Egyptians, especially Ramses the II. It is so interesting that the arrogant Ramses suddenly made a treaty with the Hittites, their archrivals, just about the time when Moses would have led the Israelites out  of Egypt. Interesting coincidence, eh?

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