Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Our "babymoon"

Since it was our wedding anniversary last weekend and Brian had just graduated, we felt it was time to do something fun. Besides, the baby is coming, and it's hard to camp with a young baby. So, we decided to take a "babymoon" and go camping!

We went out to Beaver Dick Park, just west of Rexburg. You can camp for free overnight there. Since it was the weekend after the 24th of July, we were worried that it would be busy. There were people there, but it really wasn't too bad.

When we got there, Brian set up the tent and I gathered firewood and built the fire. We cooked hot dogs together and had a pretty good dinner. Since the park is by the river, there are lots of mosquitos sometimes. But we were lucky. There was just enough breeze the whole time that the mosquitos didn't come out. It was perfect!

As it got dark, we sat in the tent and read Wind in the Willows to each other. I  didn't think about it at the time, but we were camped right by lots of willows and a river. The next day we even saw muskrats and ducks! :)

My parents-in-law had lent us an air mattress, but when we tried to pump it up with the bike pump that we brought, we realized the mattress valve was too big and needed a special pump. So we ended up sleeping on the ground. That was a little difficult. I did sleep some, but I kept waking up because the hard ground was really hurting my hips. Otherwise, I was quite comfortable.

We woke up at just after 5 the next morning. We were just going to go back to sleep, but then I got really hungry. :) So I got up and ate breakfast, and Brian soon followed suit. We read our family scriptures and went on a long hike. That's when we saw the muskrats!

The whole weekend was a ton of fun! :)

Brian standing in front of the tent he put up.

Here I am the next morning next to the fire pit. No fire now! :)

Part of the road we hiked.

Some shots of the muskrats. We didn't really get any good pictures of them. The ducks flew away before we could get the camera out.

Another part of the road we hiked.

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