Friday, July 6, 2012

Violin goal and pledge

I'm going to announce this here so that I feel that I have to be accountable, and maybe that will make me accomplish this goal. I learned to play the violin as a teenager, and I played for three semesters in the BYU-Idaho University Orchestra. That makes me sound pretty good, but that orchestra doesn't have auditions, and I really struggled. Although I have practiced sporadically the last couple of years, and I have regressed in my skill, I haven't given up on improving my talent.

I've decided to make it a goal to play in a community orchestra (wherever we end up moving) in 18 months. Or, at least to feel competent enough to play in one. I've made another goal (which may change later) to practice at least 2 hours a week, starting this week. That's not much, but I feel it's reachable and it's better than nothing.

So, each Friday I will report here on how much I practiced each week. I may even report on smaller goals, like skills I'm working on.

Thanks for indulging me! I really love playing the violin, but I need some extra motivation to do it.

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