Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Belmont Stakes

Since I was six years old, I have been fascinated with horse racing. I liked horses, and my Mom gave me some books from the series Thoroughbred, by Johanna Campbell. I tried to follow the Triple Crown races ever since.

This year, a horse named I'll Have Another won the first two Triple Crown races. Hopes were high that he would win the Belmont, too, and we'd have another Triple Crown champion after 34 years. He would have been the 12th horse to do so.

But he was scratched last minute because of tendonitis. :( You have no idea how disappointed I was. So Union Rags, the original Kentucky Derby favorite, won the Belmont yesterday. I wasn't able to watch it, but it sounds like he had an amazing ride and may have given I'll Have Another quite a challenge.

Darn. That would have been an amazing race to watch!! But I think that O'Neill, I'll Have Another's trainer, did the right thing in pulling him out. O'Neill has a problematic past that is being investigated. He has a history of drugging horses and racing them when they weren't fit. So it's good he pulled out this time. It's sad, though, too, because that's a once in a lifetime experience to have a Triple Crown winner on your hands!

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