Thursday, May 22, 2014

Good recipes we've tried lately

Here is a list of some fantastic recipes that we've tried and liked lately:

Beef stir fry with leftover roast
My favorite part of this recipe is that it uses leftovers! I just used a yellow onion instead of a red, and I also added some broccoli.

Honey spicy glazed chicken
This was a definite, "Yes, let's make this again." It was a little too spicy for Little Pink Girl, but the hubby loved it! The chicken I used had bones, but that was just fine.

Crockpot tostadas
I love these crockpot tostadas. It just so happens that you can make them on the stove, too. It doesn't take very long, and sometimes it's been better for me to do it that way instead.

Slow cooker black bean, corn and spinach enchiladas
Brian was a little bummed that it didn't have meat in it, but I couldn't get enough. I didn't make her sauce. Instead, I used some I bought at the store. But it was still fantastic!

Cheesy meximac
I often look for pasta recipes that are fairly healthy since Brian is a real fan of pasta. In this one I substituted whole grain pasta so it's not so starchy. I also used regular whole kernel corn and cheddar cheese. I just increased the amount of chili powder in it and added cumin and red bell pepper. Yum!

Crock pot cheeseburgers
These aren't the healthiest, but at least I didn't use Velveeta cheese. Just use plain cheddar. It's better. I also added onions. It was pretty good.

Crock pot hamburger n' potato casserole
This is really similar to something my Mom made when I was growing up. I added a lot more veggies than it called for. You can really do just about anything with this casserole.

Slow cooker turkey meatballs
These are really good and easy. I used just regular bread crumbs and added my own Italian spices.

Overnight apple oatmeal
It's not the same as using steel-cut oats in your crock pot, but it was really good anyway. My husband liked it. But if you don't like oatmeal being a little slimy, don't try it.

Country breakfast potatoes
I think my favorite part of these potatoes is the colors. I used yellow onion instead of red, and it was great.

Garden hash browns
I didn't poach the eggs since my husband won't eat anything but scrambled, and we skipped out on the bacon, but I did make the hash browns. I didn't let the zucchini drain which might have made difference. But I sure liked them anyway. Who says you can't have veggies for breakfast?

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