Saturday, November 30, 2013

Music for teaching

I think that songs from the Primary Children's Songbook are some of the best ways to teach children. You can teach a child almost anything about their world or the gospel with a primary song. When I tell people that, sometimes I get a look like, "Yeah, yeah. That's nice."

Well, I'm going to prove it here by sharing a few really fun primary songs. I'll bet you hadn't thought much about the lessons in these songs since you were a kid if you even remember them at all!

I will follow God's plan (about the plan of salvation and our purpose on earth)
My hands (parts of the body)
Every star is different (how differences are good and help us serve our purpose on earth)
Healthy, wealthy and wise (healthy sleep habits)
We are different (how to embrace differences)
Hum your favorite hymn (self-discipline)
Friends are fun (how to be a good friend)
Because God loves me (ways to see that God loves us)

You can learn any important life's lesson from the Primary Children's Songbook. I dare you to try and see if you can't. :)

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  1. Amen to that! I totally agree! If you want to drive something into your memory, couple it with music! Just make sure the thing you couple to music is something you want permanently embedded in your mind! It doesn't just apply to children . . .