Monday, November 5, 2012

Breeder"s Cup Races

This past weekend was the Breeder's Cup races! Fort Larned battled with Mucho Macho Man to win the Classic, the biggest race of them all on Saturday. The Classic and the Ladies' Classic are my favorites, where the best of them all show their stuff. Here is a link to a NY Times article describing the Breeder's Cup as being equal to the Triple Crown races.

Unfortunately I didn't get to watch the races myself. I just got to read about them afterwards. But Friday night, to celebrate the races, I watched Dreamer. It's one of my all-time favorite movies! This has to be the umpteenth time that I've watched it. And the race at the end still gets me excited! ;)

While I own the video, I found the whole thing on for anyone else who wants to see it:

Just for interest's sake, here is an article about the Melbourne Cup, a very famous race in Australia. While the Breeder's Cup has a purse of $5 million, this race has a $6.4 million purse. It's a big race! :)

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