Thursday, August 30, 2012

Featured blog: House-broke Cowgirl

There are a few blogs that I check occasionally, and then some others that I read as soon as they have something posted. Jerri Joy's House-broke Cowgirl is one that I follow closely. I really enjoy reading her posts. I love her outlook on life, and I think that she is doing some pretty neat things. I also enjoy reading her philosophies on things.

Besides all this, I feel that I have a few connections with her. We both love the outdoors, but have come to truly appreciate being homemakers. Not only that, we're both writers. Another connection is a love of horses. Although I'm not a great horsewoman, and have never really had the money or time to really pursue it as a passion, I sure love them and hope to always learn more about them.

Speaking of horses ... she recently had a great post about a horse that she likes to ride. It's a great story. Click on the link below to read it.

Clop, thump, clop, thump

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  1. My dear girl, someday, we really need to ride together. Can you believe all the years we've known each other and it has never worked to go riding together??!! Dreadful!!!