Thursday, August 9, 2012

Altruism vs. narcissism and politics

My dad wrote this letter to the editor of the Idaho State Journal, and my mom sent it to all of us in an e-mail. I really liked what he said, so I decided to post it here for others to read and consider. 

Dear Editor,
     As I view the political theatrics of this presidential year and see the deception used by both sides to either gain or maintain power, I wonder if we realize it is each individual who will determine whether we succeed or fail as a nation. This isn’t a political battle between Republicans and Democrats, or any other group. It is a battle that has always existed within us. It is altruism vs. narcissism.
     Since the majority who read this paper will claim to be Christian, and those who are not will likely have tenets which are comparable to the Ten Commandments within their religion; I would like to point out these principles if followed, promote a civil, respectful, and free society. I also recognize that the basis of a free society is the ability of the individual to earn, own, and control property or wealth; with a government that protects this right. As I consider this, a few questions come to mind about the direction of our nation. 
     Do we, as individuals, so covet our neighbor’s property that we will elect those who would use the power of government to steal property from one to give to another? In the midst of this process, those we elect glut themselves with power and our wealth. Does this love our neighbor as ourselves?
     How did the people of this nation exist prior to the new deal, the great society, and the government programs that have come into being? The answer lies in self-reliance, making do with what you have, and individuals helping individuals with the only motive being love. This nation is great because those who built it had these attitudes. Are we destroying what they lived, suffered, and died for?
As a Christian, I have been taught to follow my Lord and be willing to suffer or die for my fellowman. We will either do this to preserve and protect freedom and our God-given rights or we will suffer or even die for the poor choices of our fellowmen. We as individuals need to follow the principles of love and raise our nation to greater heights for our posterity.

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