Saturday, June 2, 2012

National dairy month

June is national dairy month, so I thought that I would post something in honor of the event. I didn't know we had a national dairy month until I worked for Progessive Publishing about three years ago. There main magazine is Progressive Dairyman, and I wrote a lot of articles for them.

I learned something interesting about milk last fall. A recent study showed milk to be better for rehydrating kids after exercise than water is. Milk has protein and electrolytes, and so does as good of a job as a sports drink, without the extra sugar and food coloring. I still think that water is probably one of the best choices most of the time, but after a really hard work out, you do need something. And I would definitely rather reach for the milk rather than a sports drink!

Here are some other interesting articles to read about cows and national dairy month:

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  1. Milk is as good as a sports drink?!!I'll have to remember that the next time I have a strenuous work day!