Monday, June 11, 2012

My most complicated crochet project

This pot holder is the hardest project I've done yet. I actually started it in February, before I got really morning sick. I finally finished it today! It's really cool-looking. If you're interested in doing it, here's the link to the pattern. The pattern also includes instructions for a hot pad and a dishcloth.

Here is something else that I started and finished today:
It's the first baby thing that I've made!! I'm so excited. The trim looks blue in the picture, but it's actually green. I'm going to make a pink one with green trim, too. When I do, I'll post a picture along with the instructions.


  1. These look great!! Its not easy to do hats or Pot holders .. or to crochet in general! and the baby will love it! I have all sorts of patterns if you ever need one! is my favorite place for patterns.. also pintrest has alot too.

  2. Now I wonder why, in the name of common sense, Alisa would be making BABY items????!!

    Very cute!! You did a fantastic job with both projects!