Thursday, June 21, 2012

Horse news! :)

Secretariat has always fascinated me. I think he's absolutely beautiful, not to mention that he's one of the fastest horses that have ever lived. Recently officials reviewed a video of Secretariat running the Preakness, and declared that he had actually won it in one second faster than was recorded! Read about it here.

For some more recent news, Frankel, a thoroughbred racehorse in England, won the Queen Anne stakes (a mile and a quarter, I think) by 11 lengths, making it his 11th win in 11 starts. He's ranked as one of the top horses in the world. I'm definitely keeping my eye on him.

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  1. I loved the news about Secretariat's official record! Frankel IS very good. Check out the mare Blcak Caviar! She's good, too. They're calling her 'The Wonder from Down Under'. She's currently in England for the Ascot meet. Here is one article: