Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's all in your head!

Tonight I was thinking about my religion class as I glanced through my scriptures. A little sidenote that I had written caught my eye. It said something about the brain being the real offender to God, not your actual physical body, because the brain and your thinking controls your body.

I started to think about other things, like computers. Hold on, this really isn't all that random. Computers can be a really good thing with all that we are able to accomplish on them. They are one of the most amazing tools. Yet, through a wrong choice, a computer can become a terrible thing. It can become a pornography channel for a child molester, a stalking tool for a hitman, or something else just as awful.

TV is the same. It can be educational, informative, and relaxing. Or it can be a box that is spewing crap out all over the place.

Your body fits into this category, too. It is a wonderful, beautiful, amazing things that can do so much good. Or you can desecrate it or harm others with it. It depends on the choices you make.

The destiny of all of these things hinges on the choices you make--with your brain. When we have our thinking aligned with Heavenly Father's will, that's when we can be the best we can be and do the most good. So it's all in your head! Use it wisely!

This blog seems to be where I always go when I "wax philosophical," as my math teacher puts it.

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