Thursday, March 5, 2009

A dragon heart?

I just watched Dragonheart. It was really good. But the one thing that struck me to the core was the dragon telling someone that he'd had to wait until man wouldn't make the same mistake he had--to let tyranny live on.

It struck me because we have let it go on. I'm sure that phrase was meant to be poignant. I'm sure almost anybody would be willing to fight tyranny and make the world a better place. But why do we let the root of tyranny live on, even in our own hearts?

The dragon defeated tyranny by giving his life. He didn't win by battling. It's a good metaphor for us.

The root of tyranny is selfishness. What are we doing about that? About the only thing to do is strive to live more unselfishly every day and teach those around us to do the same. Like the dragon, we should give up our life every day in the battle against selfishness. It's much harder than actually fighting a battle.

Can I do it? Can I have a dragon heart, too?

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